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This post maintains a list of subtitles from my projects, either by myself or work with others. All the subtitles provided here are free of charge. You can have it for personal use only, no commercialized purpose or distribution without citation to my site.

Note: I only provide subtitles of my own work, or subtitles that are permitted to be shared by the tranlators I worked with. You need to own a copy of the movie to enjoy. I will not in anyway provide any movie files on my site.

Subtitle Stats:
2021 Total Subs: 21, Chinese Subs: 9, English Subs: 13
2022 Total Subs: 43, Chinese Subs: 17, English Subs: 27
2023 Total Subs: 26, Chinese Subs: 7, English Subs: 19
2024 Total Subs: 15, Chinese Subs: 4, English Subs: 11
Total: 105

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[Pinned] Movie Subtitles Summary List by Coralsundy is published on 2021-01-10.